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change within, change without

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We help you recognise what it takes for you to create a high performing organisation, both inside and out. We do this primarily by focusing on the quality of your conversations. And at what drives them. We observe them and give feedback on them. Then we help you to change them through coaching/training support.

We also bring our sales and marketing expertise to help you grow your business through understanding your customers better. You can then tailor your sales/marketing communications more effectively and manage your sales opportunities more efficiently.

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changing behaviour for a changing world

Sustainable behaviour change has to happen internally, as well as externally. And it has to start from the top down.

This means that a person has to start the process of behaviour change by looking within. At themselves and the reasons for behaving the way that they do. Then they are in a better place to make conscious decisions about how they change their behaviour.

This is why we talk about mindset as well as behaviour change. Behaviour is the visible manifestation of the internal mindset. And it starts from the top down because it starts with understanding how we think. Read more here.

We know from experience that any organisational change initiative has to start from the top. If the leaders of an organisation are not on board then it won’t happen. This is because the way we manage people influences the way they behave. What gets measured or rewarded is what gets done.  This then impacts on how these same people communicate externally with customers.

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how we work

Our DANCER approach is focused on helping you take ownership of the change process. We act as the facilitators of change. We are more heavily involved in the first three stages where we provide input to help you take ownership in the last three stages.

Want to know what you need to do to sustain a behaviour change?

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