Change within, change without

The Listening Organisation

Whole person coaching

our purpose

Inspiring, supporting and guiding people to live sustainable, productive and rewarding working lives.

We achieve this through listening.

Listening to purpose; how people find meaning in their work and set goals that make the most of their potential.

Listening to ideas; how people innovate and problem-solve effectively.

Listening to emotion; how people can overcome anxiety and fear and feel secure within the workplace.

Listening to the environment; how people are resourced and nourished and take care of their resources.

measurable results

our values

the road to change

Where are you on the road to change?

Everything’s OK – on the Plateau of Complacency

We have a problem – in the Valley of Despair

We can see the future – turning the Corner of Enlightenment

We’re making progress – climbing the Mountain of Opportunity

We’ve achieved our objective – at the End Goal

our principles


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