enabling behaviour change

getting ready for change

The first step in getting ready for change is checking out the current culture and attitude towards change.

We know that people are more likely to embrace change in organisations that encourage innovation, risk-taking and failure.

People who love learning, trying out new things and feel little inclined to protect their ego are the ones who will integrate new ways of working. For best results start working with these people first.

services we offer

mindset survey

An online survey for all staff to check out their current perception of the organisation’s culture and their own propensity to change.

Enables us to:

  advise you on how ‘change-ready’ you are as an organisation

  identify any parts of the organisation that are more ‘change-ready’ or ‘change-resistant’ so that we can recommend where to start to achieve early successes

top team consultation

Change needs to start at the top. You also need to align it to a clear purpose that will engage people. We work with your top team to:

•        gain clarity around purpose and values and create a vision for success

•        establish a plan for gaining buy-in and implementation

•        uncover the potential systemic issues that may hold back the change

benchmarking reality

Most of us are unaware of the impact of what we say. Successful people have no idea about what really makes them successful. At the same time we often don’t recognise how we could make our conversations more effective. What we actually say happens in the moment, and we struggle to recall it afterwards.

We use verbal behavioural analysis to capture and, more importantly, categorise what is said in a conversation. All the participants then receive objective feedback on their verbal behaviours and their impact on the conversation.

services we offer

identifying high performance behaviours

Are there some people in your organisation who consistently get better outcomes from their conversations than others? These outcomes could be more sales, more satisfied customers, less rework. etc.

We can analyse a sample of these conversations to identify which are the behaviours that occur more frequently in the more successful conversations. Then we can train all your staff in these behaviours. This can dramatically increase their effectiveness.

benchmarking your conversations

Whatever the meeting type, be it external or internal, our trained observers capture and categorise the whole conversation. Then they provide objective feedback to all those involved. Each participant will be able to compare their behaviour against a researched model of best practice. In this way we can help identify individual behavioural preferences. We can also reveal how teams actually work together in terms of the conversation they have. Finally each individual can decide how they could change their behaviour to be more effective both for themselves and the team.

coaching support

Our definition of coaching is providing a safe container for reflection, awareness and action. Coaches are there to hold the safe space, observe and give feedback. The coachee has the responsibility of finding their own path to change.

Our research tells us that coaching support significantly increases the chances of a person actually implementing a sustained behaviour change.

Our focus is on making coaching behaviours part of “the way things are done around here.” We can provide either external coaches or train up internal coaches. Ongoing coach supervision is also available.

services we offer

one-to-one and team coaching

External accredited experienced coaches provide coaching sessions either one-to-one or for teams. The coach works with the individual/team and their manager to set objectives for the sessions at the start. We make sure the objectives are linked to clear business objectives and contain defined measures of success.

coach the coach support

All coaches benefit from ongoing coaching support/supervision. We can provide this support to your own internal coaches.


We offer one-day workshops to provide your people with a safe environment in which to practise new behavioural skills. People can then received ongoing coaching support out in the workplace. The workshops are the first step for people to make sustainable behavioural changes.

We tailor these workshops to your own requirements. The content can include coaching behaviours, effective influencing, tips on improving sales techniques and leadership skills.

We usually run workshops in conjunction with our consultancy services. This is to ensure that we are training your people in the skills that they need.

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