The Listening Organisation

creating a Listening Organisation

We help people listen to themselves, so that they can make the most of their potential. We help team members listen to each other, so that they can collaborate effectively. We help sales people listen to customers, so that they build better pipelines and increase conversion rate. We help companies listen and find their purpose, because our research has found that having a meaningful purpose increases employee engagement and productivity by up to 25%.

listening to self

Listening starts with listening to yourself. So first of all, let’s ask you:

What stops you from achieving your potential?

When do you stand in your magic? When are you at your best? So that you can be less stressed, more productive and have a better work-life balance.

Perhaps it’s time to listen in and find out. We provide whole person coaching to help you with this.

listening in teams

Good teams are curious, inquiring, experimental and nurturing. That means that they listen. Listening teams also play to win. That means that they care for each other and challenge each other. So we work with teams to develop their listening skills and become winners.

listening to customers

One thing we have learnt from almost two decades of sales research; sales people don’t listen to customers. Yes, they understand the importance of questions. But it is no use asking good questions if you don’t listen to the answers! So we work with sales people to develop their ability to listen well to customers.

listening to purpose

Purpose and values are the core of the Listening Organisation. Because our research found that they improved employee engagement so therefore increased productivity, and improved work-life balance. They also make work meaningful and enable effective decision-making. In effect they are the North Star for the organisation.

We work with senior leadership teams on purpose, values, vision and mission to enhance the productivity and well-being in your business.

the structure of a Listening Organisation

The core of a Listening Organisation is its purpose; why we are here.

Surrounding the purpose are the mission, vision and values; what we do and how we do it.

The core provides the direction and support for the self-managed teams who make up the organisation. So these teams make decisions based on what will serve the purpose. 

Ultimately the work of the teams delivers value to the customers. This value comes from the teams living the purpose and values of the organisation.

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