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the performance challenge

Most people see training as the answer to performance problems. But training only really develops knowledge and skill. In fact performance problems can have one of four causes, as shown below. From experience managers find attitude/motivation the most difficult to deal with. Sometimes the person just doesn’t want to perform. Alternatively, they do want to perform better but lack the confidence to do so. Or they are stuck with old behavioural habits that just won’t go away.

Whole person coaching addresses all four of these causes. It ensures that the work we do on developing knowledge and skill makes a difference long-term by fundamentally changing behaviour.

Addressing knowledge and skill

Sales knowledge and skill

Our coaching has delivered 30% increases in conversion rate, as well as increasing the value of deals. We do this by getting salespeople to focus on their value to the customer. At the same time we help them prioritise their sales pipeline and go after the deals that they are most likely to win. We also help them maintain price when it comes to the negotiation stage.

Coaching knowledge and skill

We use our the output of our coaching research to help managers become effective leaders and coaches. Managers we have coached report feeling more confident and more able to build effective relationships with their people.

Meeting and conflict-handling skills

We offer coaching and training to help people run more effective and efficient meetings. We also offer researched behavioural models to help people resolve conflict and complaints.

Old habits die hard

Behaviour comes from deep within. Starting from our earliest childhood experiences. These can affect our behaviour without us knowing.

The iceberg illustrates this. At the top we have behaviour, which is visible to others. Beneath behaviour lie our thoughts and feelings in the ocean’s surface layer. It’s our thoughts and feelings that pass through us like ships in the night and drive our behaviour.

But the origins of our thoughts and feelings lie deeper. Throughout life we develop a set of internal “rulesets”. We then use these rulesets to decide what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. In other words rulesets represent the culture of our family or organisation. 

Then at the bottom of the iceberg are the lessons we learnt as children. Some we learnt from our parents. Others come from how we learnt to survive.

Finally, surrounding us are environmental pressures that impact us consciously and unconsciously. We call these Systemic factors. 

So to change old habits we work with the whole iceberg. We look to uncover why we behave the way that we do. Because once we understand our repeated behaviour patterns it is easier for us to change them.

whole person coaching

The purpose of Whole person coaching is to change behaviour for the long-term. It provides a safe space for a person to explore where they are right now and where they want to get to. So the focus is on the future. How does this person want to develop to get them to where they want to be? This means that we may go beyond knowledge and skill. We may dive beneath the surface of the iceberg. We can work in Headspace, Heartspace, or Embodied space, depending on what is right for the client.

Results we have achieved: increased confidence, better sales figures, more efficient sales process, improved colleague relationships, overcoming conflict and defensiveness.


Our Headspace is our rational, logical mind. In Headspace we work with knowledge and ideas. Everything we hold in Headspace is what we have learnt in the past. As a result people have a very busy Headspace. So they never slow down to reflect or switch off. Which means that they struggle to try something new or change behaviour.

We work with people to free up their Headspace so that they can contribute innovative ideas, and see their future more clearly.


Our Heartspace contains our emotions and feelings, like anxiety. We recognise that anxious people lack confidence, so they don’t perform at their best. Or they have an over-inflated ego because they are always having to prove themselves, which gets in the way. 

So we help people overcome their emotional blocks and build their self-worth. Then they become confident, attentive listeners, who keep their ego in check. Ultimately they create better relationships with colleagues and customers.

Embodied space

In Embodied space we work in the here and now. Firstly, we help people to feel comfortable in their own skin, and resolve any inner tension. Secondly, they also learn to recognise the outside influences that they cannot control. So they can then listen to their own wisdom. Ultimately they can then see their future more clearly and plan for it more effectively.

measuring outcomes

We agree objectives for any coaching work before we start. After that we regularly review progress and provide updates. However, our coaching sessions are confidential. So we don’t provide feedback on the content of the sessions.

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